Camberlite Monastery of the Ten Mowels

Over a decade ago the regent Lord Camberling opened this monastery at the suggestion of the Holy Daufere as a kind of penance for his own accession to wealth through collecting interest on bank loans – something expressly forbidden by Mowelian doctrine.

Near Rin Mowelian monasteries focus on training monks in the arts of Shadow (Tyxis). In the east, monasteries focus on training Open Hand techniques (Orsis).

In the region just north of the capital, however, the new Camberlite tradition came to rapid prominence, honoring all ten Mowels through training in the four primal elements of their creation.

While certain Mowels are more associated with given elements than others, all ten are considered to be involved in the creation of the universe as we know it, and thus in the four building blocks of creation. Specifically, Restis (cold) is most closely associated with Fire, Ulsis (death) with Earth, Essis (anosmia) with Air, and Geksis (hunger and thirst) with Water. The Holy Daufere of Rin opened his reliquaries on the Camberlite Monastery’s founding and supplied them with the following holy relics related to the four elements:

  • A massive vaguely spherical lump of obsidian that has generated an uncomfortable amount of heat for centuries. When a humanoid touches its surface, the cool oils on their skin cause its surface to fracture. The resulting shards have been awarded as talismans to the Dauferes only until the founding of the Camberlite monastery, when the rite was expanded to novice monks specializing in Fire. Until Aeron, the shards awarded to anyone but a Daufere have been as cool to the touch as any chunk of obsidian. The Rinian temple in which it was formerly housed – like the Camberlite monastery where it now rests – made it the centerpiece of a sweat lodge where meditators could pursue visions.
  • A herd of cattle whose cows lactate from their third day until their dying day. These cattle are said to come from far to the south of Rin. Their milk is a mainstay of both the diet of the Camberlite monks and of a sacrament to Geksis. Monks training in water techniques find these cows’ milk a very easy training fluid. Periods arise unpredictably when the cattle refuse to eat grass until they’re given a very specific kind of meat. No pattern has been discerned as to what kind of meat it will be. (It’s almost never a humanoid baby.)
  • A flowering tree that was extremely difficult to transplant and bring this far north of Rin (the warmth of the obsidian has been helpful). It is known as the Lionsfoot Poplar. It comes from far to the west of the Apoah Mountains west of Rin. Its blooms produce an intoxicating perfume that induces trancelike states in the monks. Its seeds are the size of an orc’s fist, and Camberlites specializing in Air take one as a keepsake. When it goes to seed, its seed head produces massive fuzzy hairlike canopies that – according to rumor – are sometimes large enough to catch breezes so effectively that small humanoids holding on can be carried off the ground and drift for some distance.
  • The desiccated body of a massive purple worm: when alive these creatures burrow even through solid stone deep underground, regardless of what rustic hoopleheads might have made their homes in its way. It emanates a vibration that reminds those who touch it of a really nasty bruxism. It’s super gross, but every novice Camberlite hoping to specialize in Earth touches it, and a huge skin flake dislodges and becomes their souvenir.

Camberlite Monastery of the Ten Mowels

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