In which the party nearly reunites, then doesn't.

Valdosta investigated the mysterious old lady’s track. She was able to follow the old half-elf’s steps to where her footsteps ended, about five feet from the tower at the ceneter of town. She circled the tower but could find no obvious means of ingress. As she looked, she heard an unusual racket of startled creatures and became lost attempting to locate its source. She encountered a penniless political fanatic who identified himself as Bali Starford. He waved colorful banners in protest of Lord Camberling’s regency and extolled the right of Linota Roche to rule. He invites Valdosta to buy him a drink and discuss politics with him. She agreed for some reason and found herself outside the Angry Angry and noticed the source of the din is her pal Cherry, and her recent acquaintances Boardshorts, FlipFlop and Brutur, and the paralyzed monk Aeron.

Cherry and Boardshorts, seeking a cockatrice antivenom from the apothecary next door to the Angry Angry are interrupted by Flipflop who comes running up, and informs them that the baby Saloua disappeared after Aeron crashed through the roof of her mothers Adra Battlebeard and Brynn Quickwhisper. Because Aeron seems like the most likely person to know the baby’s whereabouts, Flipflop suggests buying cockatrice antivenom from the apothecary and using it to waken and interrogate Aeron. As Cherry pushes the door to the apothecary open, there is a riot of animal noises and a loud thud. She carefully opens the door and sees that inside are a scorpion monkey, a cockatrice, a swarm of cone-spiders, and a giant boar which appears to be safely locked up. Cherry finds the door to be made of sturdy wood but hung from flimsy hinges. (Coincidentally, the apothecarist’s name is Flimsy Hinges, but the party never learns this because he has been struck unconscious apparently by the cockatrice). Barging the door off its hinges, Cherry pins the monkey and cockatrice against the wall, also managing to squash several of the cone spiders.

The ruckus draws the attention of Brutur who emerges from the Angry Angry with Aeron under his arm. Dropping Aeron harmlessly to the ground Brutur manages to expose himself to the venom of a cone spider and, not succumbing to its full effect, begins to hallucinate.

While Cherry holds the animals pinned to the wall, Valdosta arrives and joins the affray against the cone spiders. Although the scorpion-monkey snatched up one of the two packets of cockatrice antivenom, one remains under the feet of a cone-spider. Once all the cone spiders have been defeated, Boardshorts collects the packet.

The group clear the paralyzed apothecarist and monk from the building, and with everyone evacuated, Cherry swiftly yanks the door into place, but not before the cockatrice escapes and paralyzes Brutur. The group slay the scary chicken, Cherry squashes the scorpion monkey by throwing her weight into pivoting the door down on top of it, and Boardshorts revives his beloved supervisor with the one packet of antivenom.

The group find a set of handbells in the Angry Angry and summon two guards, Jex and Kali.
Flipflop tells the story of Aeron crashing through the roof of Adra, Brynn and baby Soloua’s house, and the subsequent disappearance of the baby. He mentions that the baby had come with a slave whose purchaser had no use for a baby, and was brought to the Stallion either by Alexandra Levingley orGodhorn Godeyl – he can’t remember which for some reason. Godhorn is Vinric’s godmother, and has been staying at the Stallion.

Seeing that the group continues to squabble, the guard separates the Silver Stallion employees from the PCs, and, learning of the disappearance of Saloua decide to take the PCs in for questioning, since they have no permanent address in town. They are taken to the same prison cell as Grindell Mistfist and Yarles Yankins, with the exception of Valdosta who slipped away from the guards during questioning.

Using a series of hilarious accents and aliases, Valdosta antagonizes the rank and file at the jail until it’s clear they won’t be sufficiently helpful.

Meanwhile, the prisoners rest up, enjoy a lovely breakfast of coffee, fruit, scrapple and escape courtesy of Grindell’s expertise in cooking, schmoozing with prison guards and getting arrested every time he breaks out of jail. They slip past fellow prisoners and guards and lift a heavy stone out of the wall in order to make their way down a dark tunnel. Yarles’ participation in the escape is not overt until his cover is blown by the high wall he needs to ascend in order to emerge into a more official, if unused tunnel from which the group can see daylight. The portal is in the side of a sheer wall at least 60’ above the rushing waters of the Fong. A narrow wooden drawbridge connecting to a grand stone bridge high overhead is retracted about about 300’ from the party. Grindell tells the party that the bridge had always been lowered when he made his escape previously.


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