The Silver Stallion

Non-noble gambling establishment located in Bloodfield. It is owned and operated by Vinric who The Fox claims has kidnapped and imprisoned Dalgure Grumblebrow in order to secure payment of gambling debts Dalgure incurred on a rigged cockatrice fight.

The Fox tells the party that Vinric has a trophy room which he calls his “inner sanctum” and that rumor has it that Dalgure is being kept there as a living trophy, paralyzed by cockatrice venom.

The Stallion’s sign – previously magically vandalized so the stallion depicted exhaled smoke from its nostrils – has been restored to its mundane state by the Inquisitor Alan Blackaxe.

Enurchus Gardner tells the party that The Silver Stallion is much nicer than most Bloodfield gambling dens. When the party visits, they see that it was once a fine mansion that had fallen into disrepair and has been incompletely refurbished. Its windows are boarded up and painted black on the first floor, and they have been decorated with shards of colored glass that give the appearance of stained glass from a distance. What were formerly the mansion’s grounds have been subdivided, and roads now traverse what was once clearly the estate’s garden, flanked by recently erected houses and shops. Hehe, “erected”.

A number of street toughs have been employed by the Stallion to work as bouncers. These include Boardshorts, Flipflop, Sneezes, Tissues, Linttrap,
Dustmite, Ironing Board, housemaid, Pinkberry and Turncoat. The former gladiator Tumus has taken work there since the abolition of gladiatorial bloodsport in Fonhonge; he now oversees the Stallion’s prizefighting, which takes place in a pit in a room at the back left of the first floor of the building.

Other games of chance available at the Stallion include craps, cockatrice fighting, and dragon poker. The cockatrice fighting room includes a recovery area for those paralyzed by the venom with just enough space for a bed, armchair and basin. The Stallion also features a lounge where singing and dancing take place. Drinks have been available from bartending stands in every room of the first floor members of the party have visited except for the main hall through which they entered.

The main hall features two grand curving staircases – their grandeur somewhat diminished by a few details of mismatched wood with which they’ve been refurbished. Overhead in the hall a huge chandelier obviously missing a few stems of crystal but still beautiful glows brightly. People carrying large cages draped in leather blankets shuffle by. The cages emit anxious flapping sounds. We learn that these contain cockatrices when such a cage is brought to Aeron so that Whitney the Finger Biter can bite his finger, paralyzing him.

The crowd at the Stallion varies from wealthy merchant high rollers to local builders, farmers, and other laborers.

The stairs to the second floor are typically guarded by two bouncers. The second floor contains the bedrooms of Vinric – which doubles as his office – Tumus, Brutur and possibly other of the staff. An elderly half-elf appeared to be sleeping in one of the rooms at one point, but got up leaving behind an empty teapot and cup, dry as if they have not held tea in days.

The walls of many of the rooms in the Stallion conceal hidden doors which open to a hallway through which staff can pass between rooms and between floors. By taking these stairs it is possible to reach the basement where Kellen Heller minds the cockatrice cages. The other notable feature of the basement is the kitchen where members of the party locate Dalgure washing dishes for the brisk trade of the bartenders upstairs.

The Silver Stallion

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