The Giant Duck

According to The Fox, this inn in The Island is owned by Dalgure Grumblebrow with a silent partner who is a noble. The party learn that this is incorrect, and that Dalgure owns the inn outright, having won it in a poker game, and that there is no noble partner.

The inn’s sign was magically vandalized so that its duck gripped a cigar in its bill which emitted real smoke. The vandalism led some to jokingly refer to the inn as “The Angry Duck”. Enurchus Gardner claims to know the vandal, who put the cigar there while drunk. Alan Blackaxe, the Inquisitor dispelled the magical vandalism, restoring the sign to mundanity, and the inn’s name is now less likely to be mistaken as “The Angry Duck”.

The first floor contains a lobby and desk, two guest rooms, a small kitchen and quarters for the Grumblebrow family. The second floor contains four guest rooms.

The party are greeted warmly and served tea by Gradelswain Grumblebrow, who, grateful for their assistance in rescuing her daughter and evidently at The Fox’s urging allows them to choose any of the empty rooms and stay for free. The only other possible tenant is Sorye Serelath, the bard who likes to compose lyrics at The Giant Duck during its quiet offseason.

The offseason is tied to the importance of slavery to The Island’s economy. Gradelswain reveals that the inn does a brisk business when slaves are brought into town, remaining quiet during the rest of the year.

The Giant Duck

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