Fonhenge is the capital city of the kingdom of Rochenna.
It is located on the Fong river east of its source in the Apoah Mountains. The source branches to a short stream to Lake Sherarda to the west, forming a navigable waterway between the lake and the sea far to the east.

Fonhenge became the capital of Rochenna roughly a thousand years ago when a holy revelation of Mowelanity established the Roche family of Fonhenge as the rightful rulers of what became Rochenna – a land that, until that point had been under the control of a government based in Rin.

Fonhenge is a vibrant trading center, admitting merchants in goods from far and wide. Recent political upheavals, however, have caused restrictions to the free movement of people and goods through its walls. Guards attend city gates, permitting only those bearing a medallion issued by a noble to enter. Gold medallions permit free movement throughout the city and beyond its walls even while carrying weapons and bearing armor.

The culture of Fonhenge is defined by stratification based on feudal rank, race and cultural background. These call all be transcended to varying degrees particularly by artful navigation of the merchant and mercenary guilds. Much more intractable are the divisions based in religion. Those who do not adhere to Mowelanity – Rochenna’s state religion – may be legally enslaved and denied rights granted to other Rochennans.

Neighborhoods of Fonhenge
-The northernmost neighborhood – a place of extensive commons including an ash pile, goat grazing, and places where visiting pageant wagons set up for the entertainment of locals and visitors alike
-The easternmost neighbohood – a place full of shacks covered in oilcloth and a small white chapel surrounded by burly people holding tools like weapons.
-The Island – home to The Giant Duck Inn; The Undertree Tavern; and the city’s perennial slave trade and its slave market.
-Bloodfield – home to The Silver Stallion and much of the city’s gambling restricted to non-nobles.
- The Division – home to government offices, royal palaces, dungeons, pillories and law courts.
-Murder Bay – home to the city’s gambling establishments aimed at nobles. Also home to the city’s four crime families.
-Hell’s Bottom – another neighborhood in which gambling establishments aimed at non-nobles can be found.
-Carroll Springs – A possible place where the party could trade their Dropkitten carcasses.
-The Gut – Another possible place to trade the Dropkittens
-Swinghammer Alley – home to Fonhenge’s famous smithing trade. Cherry knows of its renown.


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