In which the party nearly reunites, then doesn't.

Valdosta investigated the mysterious old lady’s track. She was able to follow the old half-elf’s steps to where her footsteps ended, about five feet from the tower at the ceneter of town. She circled the tower but could find no obvious means of ingress. As she looked, she heard an unusual racket of startled creatures and became lost attempting to locate its source. She encountered a penniless political fanatic who identified himself as Bali Starford. He waved colorful banners in protest of Lord Camberling’s regency and extolled the right of Linota Roche to rule. He invites Valdosta to buy him a drink and discuss politics with him. She agreed for some reason and found herself outside the Angry Angry and noticed the source of the din is her pal Cherry, and her recent acquaintances Boardshorts, FlipFlop and Brutur, and the paralyzed monk Aeron.

Cherry and Boardshorts, seeking a cockatrice antivenom from the apothecary next door to the Angry Angry are interrupted by Flipflop who comes running up, and informs them that the baby Saloua disappeared after Aeron crashed through the roof of her mothers Adra Battlebeard and Brynn Quickwhisper. Because Aeron seems like the most likely person to know the baby’s whereabouts, Flipflop suggests buying cockatrice antivenom from the apothecary and using it to waken and interrogate Aeron. As Cherry pushes the door to the apothecary open, there is a riot of animal noises and a loud thud. She carefully opens the door and sees that inside are a scorpion monkey, a cockatrice, a swarm of cone-spiders, and a giant boar which appears to be safely locked up. Cherry finds the door to be made of sturdy wood but hung from flimsy hinges. (Coincidentally, the apothecarist’s name is Flimsy Hinges, but the party never learns this because he has been struck unconscious apparently by the cockatrice). Barging the door off its hinges, Cherry pins the monkey and cockatrice against the wall, also managing to squash several of the cone spiders.

The ruckus draws the attention of Brutur who emerges from the Angry Angry with Aeron under his arm. Dropping Aeron harmlessly to the ground Brutur manages to expose himself to the venom of a cone spider and, not succumbing to its full effect, begins to hallucinate.

While Cherry holds the animals pinned to the wall, Valdosta arrives and joins the affray against the cone spiders. Although the scorpion-monkey snatched up one of the two packets of cockatrice antivenom, one remains under the feet of a cone-spider. Once all the cone spiders have been defeated, Boardshorts collects the packet.

The group clear the paralyzed apothecarist and monk from the building, and with everyone evacuated, Cherry swiftly yanks the door into place, but not before the cockatrice escapes and paralyzes Brutur. The group slay the scary chicken, Cherry squashes the scorpion monkey by throwing her weight into pivoting the door down on top of it, and Boardshorts revives his beloved supervisor with the one packet of antivenom.

The group find a set of handbells in the Angry Angry and summon two guards, Jex and Kali.
Flipflop tells the story of Aeron crashing through the roof of Adra, Brynn and baby Soloua’s house, and the subsequent disappearance of the baby. He mentions that the baby had come with a slave whose purchaser had no use for a baby, and was brought to the Stallion either by Alexandra Levingley orGodhorn Godeyl – he can’t remember which for some reason. Godhorn is Vinric’s godmother, and has been staying at the Stallion.

Seeing that the group continues to squabble, the guard separates the Silver Stallion employees from the PCs, and, learning of the disappearance of Saloua decide to take the PCs in for questioning, since they have no permanent address in town. They are taken to the same prison cell as Grindell Mistfist and Yarles Yankins, with the exception of Valdosta who slipped away from the guards during questioning.

Using a series of hilarious accents and aliases, Valdosta antagonizes the rank and file at the jail until it’s clear they won’t be sufficiently helpful.

Meanwhile, the prisoners rest up, enjoy a lovely breakfast of coffee, fruit, scrapple and escape courtesy of Grindell’s expertise in cooking, schmoozing with prison guards and getting arrested every time he breaks out of jail. They slip past fellow prisoners and guards and lift a heavy stone out of the wall in order to make their way down a dark tunnel. Yarles’ participation in the escape is not overt until his cover is blown by the high wall he needs to ascend in order to emerge into a more official, if unused tunnel from which the group can see daylight. The portal is in the side of a sheer wall at least 60’ above the rushing waters of the Fong. A narrow wooden drawbridge connecting to a grand stone bridge high overhead is retracted about about 300’ from the party. Grindell tells the party that the bridge had always been lowered when he made his escape previously.

And they said we couldn't get arrested in this town.
Loggin' it good.

Valdosta and Cherry:
-Valdosta and Cherry search Vinric‘s room only to find receipts, invoices and business administration documents. These are written mostly on parchment, though some are wax tablets and one or two are on paper, which is uncommon. The most recent looking one indicates that, due to a shortage of mutton, the supplier had provided 50 lbs of goat.
-Valdosta finds a door in the back of Vinric’s room. It leads to a hallway with a pair of spiral staircases visible leading down.
-Valdosta and Cherry go to the room on the other end of the hallway because Cherry said she saw an old half-elf woman sleeping there – maybe they could ask her some questions? The woman is not there. The teapot and cup on the table that were in front of her are completely empty and dry.
-Valdosta finds another door in the back of the room – like a mirror image of Vinric’s room. After some consideration both go to the basement.
-They find a young boy (Kellen Heller) who is in charge of calming the cockatrices. He tells the dwarves to go see Dalgure in the kitchen. Wait, did he say Dalgure?
-Dalgure says she is just paying off a 40gp debt by working in the kitchen and she should be done in a few hours, Cherry & Val learn that Dalgure owns the Giant Duck not her mother, after winning it in a poker match here.
-Val & Cherry learn that “The Fox” who gave the party entrance into the city looks an awful lot like Alexandra Levingley, Dalgure’s advocateLevingley medallion and all. Dalgure thinks Alexandra is cosplaying as a character from children’s stories named El Zorro.
-The dwarves want to find Vinric to clear things up.
-As Valdosta and Cherry get back up to the main hall they see a paralyzed Aeron being brought in. They learn from Vinric that Aeron Tried to burn the mansion down and he will be put in the recovery room.
-They confirm with Vinric that Dalgure’s story is true and that she is free to leave if she wants.
-They collect Dalgure and Cherry makes up a story that she left her bag in the recovery room where Aeron is being kept.
-Valdosta escorts Dalgure back home to her mother, noticing as she does that the old half elf Cherry described to her is heading west along the road, clutching something to her chest.

-Back at the Giant Duck (no longer “angry” since Alan Blackaxe removed the enchanted cigar from its mouth) Gradelswain – Dalgure’s mother – is relieved to have her daughter back safe and sound.
-The mother and daughter piece together that The Fox (Alexandra Levingley(?)) gave Gradelswain and the party inaccurate information about the danger Dalgure was in.
-The heated discussion wakes Sorye Serelath.
-Valdosta leaves the confused mother and daughter to sleep it off and tries to reunite with Cherry
-At the Sliver Stallion Valdosta is told that Cherry just left with Brutur, and Boardshorts to escort the arsonist to jail.
-Valdosta tries to track them with no luck.
-She locates the city dungeon and speaks to the guards. They haven’t seen anyone like Cherry, Aeron, Brutur or Boardshorts. There is another city dungeon to the west, but there’s no obvious reason someone coming from Bloodfield would be taken there rather than here.
-Unable to find her colleagues, she notices the tracks of the old half elf woman whose shuffling gait leaves a very obvious trail.
-Valdosta follows the trail to the tallest tower in the city (end scene)

-Cherry finds Linttrap guarding the door to the recovery area just off the cockatrice fighting room.
-Cherry says she could escort Aeron to Jail since she was going that way anyway.
-Linttrap thinks its a good idea and tells her to ask Brutur upstairs first to confirm
-Cherry finds Brutur in a concussed drunken state
-Brutur agrees to let Cherry escort Aeron to the dungeons in The Division with the accompaniment of himself and Boardshorts.
-Cherry (hoping to escort Aeron alone) tries to think of evasive maneuvers.
-Cherry implies to Boardshorts that she is trying to lay the smooth (I have never heard this before, don’t quite know what it means, but love it. -N.) on Brutur and would like him to leave.
-Brutur suggests they all go into a nearby tavern – The Angry Angry – for a drink.
-Cherry lays Aeron’s stiff body on a chair and sits alone with Brutur. Boardshorts is on the other side of the room waiting tentatively
- Cherry tries to get Brutur even more drunk with no avail.
-The waiter is concerned with the state of Aeron and asks if he needs a doctor.
-Jumping at the opportunity Cherry says yes and tries to carry him out to the herbalist apothecary two doors down.
-Boardshorts stops her and suggests he come along to the herbalist. (end scene)

-Aeron begins the scene with Brutur still falling for his ruse that he is helping find the assailant.
-He gives away his cover when he Vinric spies him
-He tries to shake off pursuers by climbing a set of construction scaffolding. As they draw closer he cleverly karate chops the wood, but it’s tougher than those boards he was always breaking in the dojo.
-Jumping from the scaffolding onto the roof of a house he crashes into in a home with two women and baby
-Aeron lies and says Dawhead’s goons are after him
-The women believe him and try not to blow his cover while the guards knock down the door
-Aeron eventually decides to give himself up
-As the Stallion’s security guards hold him down, Vinric calls for Whitney the Finger Biter. Someone brings a cage near, uncovers it, and carefully opens the door, letting the cockatrice -Whitney presumably – bite Aeron, paralyzing him.
-Aeron is paralyzed but conscious for the rest of the story. It’s pretty terrifying really.
-Silver Stallion security guards and staff pour into the backyard
-Yarles tries to continue to hide while casting Minor Illusion to distract those around him
-An inquisitor answering complaints of magical vandalism and a city guard answering the tolling handbells approach.
-The inquisitor uses Detect Magic to find Yarles’s location
-They find Yarles and inform him it is illegal to cast magic in this city, Only inquisitors can do that
-Yarles lies and says he was doing it to impress a lady he was trying to seduce
-The group believe him but still need to arrest him. He will spend the night in jail and have to spend 5 hours the next day in the pillory.
-Yarles while being carted downtown discusses his situation with the inquisitor Alan Blackaxe.
-Alan is moved by Yarles’s backstory and jots his contact information on a handkerchief with a grease pencil for him. Alan encourages Yarles to contact him after he is pilloried for to discuss working as an inquisitor.
-Yarles takes a long rest in his cell, dreaming of bunnies, presumably.

-Talks with Vinric suggesting adding bars to the windows to improve security around here. Vinric agrees.
-Tumus says maybe he can still make some money tonight and starts up the fights again
-Tumus organizes a fight with two warrior ladies. They do some pretty aggressive promo against one another then the half elf beats the human in three rounds.
-After the fights he oils up and struts on the Stallion’s performance stage (end scene)

A Whole Log of Adventure!
It's adventure rememberin' time!

This is the one where the party went to The Silver Stallion to find Dalgure Grumblebrow.

After a brief check-in between characters and divvying up of rooms, Gradelswain Grumblebrow gave them words of encouragement and gratitude in a voice Nic was trying to copy from Cyndi Lauper but apparently sounded “Long Island”.

It was revealed via story point that the vandalism of signs in the area was not only widespread but magical, perhaps pointing to a nogoodnik novice of necromancy noodling nefariously.

At the door to the Stallion, a booze befuddled builder bashed into Cherry. The party helped her first to the wall of the Stallion, but Boardshorts the bouncer shooed them away.
The party split along gender lines or along racial lines depending on how you prioritize such things.
Aeron and Yarles crept around back, dragging the half-elf dunkard and plopping her on the least ruinous stone bench on the remains of the mansion’s grounds, robbing her of one gold piece and six silver, but leaving her her masonry tools.

Meanwhile, Cherry and Valdosta went through the front door,, where Boardshorts and Flipflop, much enamored of the Levingley medallions, Cherry’s shiny armor and her eagerness to share its diamonds began a chain of inquiries to see if the owner of the establishment could be convinced to give them a tour of the premises.

Aeron and Yarles at the back of the building found that all of the first floor windows and the back door had been boarded up, the wood painted black and bits of colored glass attached, creating an illusion of stained glass. Through the second floor windows the two saw that the center room seemed to be somewhat busy, through the leftmost window a young half-orc seemed to be conversing with someone shorter, and in the rightmost window no one appeared to be moving. The two began to ascend the wall, Yarles on the left and Aeron on the right. Aeron looked through the window into a bedroom in which a high backed leather armchair sat facing away from the window. Yarles looked into a bedroom with a desk where the half orc was talking with a halfling while examining some documents. He cast Minor Illusion (suffering an unknown side effect) causing the two of them to hear someone cry “Get out, there’s a fire!” from behind them. The two left the room. While attempting to pry open the window with his crowbar, Yarles took a tumble and fell down to the ground, a little over 20 feet below. Aeron scooted across to the window Yarles had been at.

Valdosta and Cherry found themselves in a rather handsome entry hall with a pair of arcing staircases to a second floor mezzanine which overlooked a chandelier that, notwithstanding a few obviously missing branches was still quite striking. The hall was full of excited winners, dejected losers and people just happy to be out enjoying drinks with their friends. A pair of people shuffled through the crowd anxiously carrying large cages covered in leather blankets. Flapping noises were audible beneath the blankets. They headed first to their left. The first room they found themselves in contained four craps tables and two bartending stands. Valdosta asked a bartender about the amusements in the Stallion. He told her that there was craps here, prizefighting in the room just behind, Dragon Poker in the room across the hall, cockatrice fighting behind that, and a lounge with music and dance performances at the back of the hall.

Aeron tied a rope to the window shutter to let Yarles up, and attempted to break the glass with a dart. The blow was not hard enough to break the pane however, and only served to draw the halfling’s attention. The halfling called for assistance and walked to the window. Throwing it open, he took an arrow from Yarles’ bow and ducked to the side of the window. Aeron climbed in and, taking an attack of opportunity from the halfling’s deadly rapier took the oil lamp from the desk and threw it onto the bed. While the halfling was distracted with extinguishing the flames, and his cohort, including several thuggish bouncers and a huge guy in a cravat approached the door, Aeron slipped back out the window, clinging to the building’s wall between this room and the center room.

Cherry and Valdosta made their way to the fighting pit – a literal pit in the ground in a squarish shape with rounded corners. Cherry excitedly chatted with the staff person as bouncers and toughs in the Stallion’s employ made their way upstairs to investigate the commotion. He told her that they would love to have her compete, and that the game was bare-knuckle boxing. She’d have to wait for Tumus to return, though, since he – a former gladiator from the days when such contests were permitted in Fonhenge had left the room with the rest of the toughies. He also mentioned that he admired Cherry’s armor, and had assumed she must be in town for Grapplemania.

The halfling clambered out the window after Aeron, stepping over him to the windowsill, where he took another swipe with his rapier. Forgetting that halflings get to re-roll critical failures, he slashed himself badly with an overly showy twirl of his blade, and was helped in through the window by his cronies. Yarles made to beat a hasty retreat, running around the side of the building the way the two had come. The huge cravat wearing guy leapt right out the window, unconcerned for the ten points of damage he took in doing so. After righting himself, he gave chase to the fading footsteps rounding the corner.

Interested in investigating the commotion, and fairly sure it had something to do with either their companions or their objective, Valdosta and Cherry made for the stairs where all the thugs were running. They were caught up short by Tissues, who told them that only staff were allowed upstairs. Cherry convinced Tissues that she was brawny enough to be of use, and Valdosta convinced him that Cherry would require the guidance of someone more level headed. The two made their way to the top of the steps behind the crowd of bouncers. Valdosta investigated the room at the back left, where she found an ancient half elf sleeping in a high back leather armchair with a teapot on a little table in front of her.

Yarles hid at the corner of the building, the big guy still in pursuit. Aeron followed along, and when he encountered the big guy, convinced him that he was here to help. The two scouted about 15 feet apart. Yarles cast Minor Illusion, and created the sight and sound of a bush rustling behind the big guy.



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