Ex-gladiator, now manages Silver Stallion prizefighting


Blazing red hair. Red irises. Extremely well developed muscles. Likes to flex and strut when he gets a chance. Wears a plain linen chiton of a rougher weave than most garments in Fonhenge. He has a scabbard, sword and shield decorated with gold inlay that he is given dispensation to carry within the Silver Stallion. He is friendly and honest. He speaks with a high pitched rasp.

Tumus minds the fighting in the boxing pit at the Silver Stallion. He likes his job very much.

Tumus is a beautiful singer. He composed songs for each of his defeated gladiatorial opponents. Though he frequently uses the wrong word in these songs of memoriam, they are all hauntingly beautiful notwithstanding containing at least one hilariously incorrect word.

He is protective of his colleagues at the Silver Stallion – the Stallion lets him use his knowledge and skill without danger of accidentally hurting someone.



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