The Fox

Mysterious human woman who provided the party with medallions


She approached the party with an offer of medallions and gold in exchange for the rescue of Dalgure Grumblebrow, proprietor of the The Giant Duck Inn. She wears a half mask to conceal her face and a well tailored set of black clothes that seem to have some significance. A golden Levingley house medallion hangs around her neck on a purple cord.

She claims that her employer -a noble – wishes to remain anonymous because Fonhenge nobles are only permitted to gamble in the Murder Bay establishments controlled by The Four Crime Families. She goes on to state that the noble owns a stake in The Giant Duck, so that when Dalgure wagered the entire inn on a rigged cockatrice fight, noble money went to a gambling establishment outside of Murder Bay, violating Fonhenge law, and the will of the crime families.

She offers the party 300gp apiece in exchange for rescuing Dalgure and quietly settling her arrears with Vinric, proprietor of The Silver Stallion. She presents them with a parchment to sign which is revealed to be a murder confession. When confronted on this, she draws up a new agreement on the spot which the party sign – some using false names. She then provides the party with a code to retrieve the medallions from a sweets merchant that involves buying sugarplums and cherry pie.

G√ľnter Undertree and Gradelswain Grumblebrow mention The Fox by name since she arranged for both of them to provide the party with free food and lodging.

After rescuing Dalgure the party learn that The Fox bears a strong resemblance to Alexandra Levingley, down to her Levingley medallion and advocate’s robes.


The Fox

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