Gradelswain Grumblebrow


Mother of Dalgure and interim operator of The Giant Duck Inn.

When Dalgure asked her to watch the inn in her absence, The Fox told Gradelswain that Dalgure was being held for ransom and would be killed. The Fox arranged for Gradelswain to host the party so that they could rescue Dalgure from The Silver Stallion when in fact Dalgure was merely working off a small debt in the Stallion’s kitchen.

Dalgure tells Gradelswain that The Fox sounds very much like her advocate Alexandra Levingley.

When she first meets the party she is momentarily taken a bit by surprise by Valdosta’s apparent unfamiliarity with Mowelanity, and possible heresy, but her concern for Dalgure seems to outweigh her orthodoxy.


Gradelswain Grumblebrow

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