Dalgure Grumblebrow

Dwarven woman - proprietor of The Giant Duck Inn - subject of The Fox's quest.


Dalgure is the owner of the Giant Duck Inn in Fonhenge’s The Island neighborhood. She is an avid gambler. She won the Giant Duck in a poker game at The Silver Stallion.

When the party first meet her, she is minding the Stallion’s kitchen to pay off a small gambling debt that is easier to work off here than at The Giant Duck during the Duck’s offseason. This casts doubt on the story behind the party’s initial reason for coming to the Stallion:
The Fox told the party that Dalgure was being held prisoner in The Stallion to be ransomed to The Giant Duck’s noble silent partner in exchange for massive gambling losses incurred on a rigged cockatrice fight. The Fox hires the party to rescue Dalgure and get her debt dismissed. According to The Fox, Dalgure was kept paralyzed by cockatrice venom in Vinric’s trophy room.

In Dalgure’s absence, her mother Gradelswain Grumblebrow minded the inn.

Returning to the inn with Valdosta, Dalgure realizes that her mother and the party have been deceived by The Fox. Also, descriptions of The Fox bear a striking resemblance to Alexandra Levingley, Dalgure’s advocate.

Dalgure’s neighbors in The Undertree Tavern speak well of her, though they do seem universally to agree that she has a bit of a gambling problem. Enurchus Gardner thinks that she came to own The Giant Duck after a very lucky game of cards.


Dalgure Grumblebrow

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