Zirconia bedecked barbarian and aspiring smith.


Appearance: Dark skin; freckles; rosy cheeks. Clad in fine armor that is encrusted with false diamonds.
Temperament: either excited or enraged
Background: New-money dwarf clan
Personality Traits: Dimwitted but extremely positive (unless angered by insults to her clan).
Ideals: Only fully trust those in the clan
Bonds: Uphold the glonous Diamond-Studd name.
Flaws: Not emotionally perceptive; quick to jump to physical combat over negotiation.
Weapons proficiencies: Hand Axe; Battle Axe; War Hammer; Light Hammer
Tool proficiencies: Smith Tools
Trinket: A silver badge in the shape of a five-pointed star
Weapons: Great Axe; Morningstar that looks like a disco ball; Javelins


Ophelia Diamond-Studd of the Diamond-Studd clan comes from a family of “new money”. Her family line came originally from the Clan Rust-Kettle, a smithing & mining mountain dwarf clan subsisting in a market oversaturated with dwarven tools. Three generations before Ophelia, her grandfather discovered an untapped diamond mine on what was thought to be low-rent property. The clan quickly came into a lot of money. Not born to aristocracy, the Rust-Kettles thought changing their family name to Diamond-Studd was not only descriptively appropriate but extremely classy. They are an uncultured Clan trying too hard to promote a classy image.

The family quickly learned how to manage a thriving diamond mining business, intending each generation to pick up the same trade. Ophelia’s parents had 3 children, her being the youngest. Her two brothers Content Not Found: jacko_ and _Content Not Found: rumfall took to the family business with ease learning the jeweler’s trades. Ophelia on the other hand struggled with such skills. Both her parents desperately tried to teach her to evaluate and cut diamonds. Ophelia always had difficulty with fine details, but she was strong and possessed of a wild spirit focused on the now. She applied these skills in the mines and was able to move earth and discover new diamond veins with great ease. Both Ophelia’s parents would prefer that she not dirty her hands with such tasks. They wanted to keep up the image of aristocracy, handling the clean side of the business while hiring out cheap labor to do the dangerous work of mining. Although both her parents loved her, Ophelia did not fit into the family business plan.

Ophelia – who is not emotionally perceptive – does not see how she is disappointing her parents. She often is blindly positive when faced with any task. Some might describe her as dimwitted, but a very hard worker. Her wild nature does not make her well suited for the lifestyle her family intends.
She goes by the nickname Cherry describing her rosy red cheeks. Her close family are the only ones to call her Ophelia. She learned to respect and uphold the illustrious name of the Diamond-Studd clan. Speaking foully of her clan causes her to go into a blind rage (playing into the barbarian trait). She does not consciously understand how she could be a disappointment to her family, though she may have thoughts of doubt in the back of her mind that emerge during her moments of blind rage.

At the age of 35 (still young in Dwarf years (——— ahem, that’s still pretty young in human years -N)) her Brother Jacko suggested she might go and explore the world outside of the mines. Cherry does not immediately take to the idea thinking she is still a valuable member of her Clan. Her mother, however, loves the idea, hoping such life experiences might allow her daughter to gain skills outside of the clan (seeing as Cherry is not fit for the family business). Her father sees this as an opportunity to get Ophelia out of the business.

To indulge her interest in working with her hands, they send her with letters of introduction to the great smithing experts of Fonhenge’s Swinghammer Alley neighborhood. As a guild certified master smith of Swinghammer Alley, Cherry will have a respectable enough credential that her love of beating on things with hammers will no longer be a mark of shame on the Diamond-Studds. With encouragement from both her parents, Cherry is convinced to take up the adventuring path.

She has been outfitted with with the best armor and weapons money can buy. Cherry insisted upon encrusting all the items with diamonds. The family did not think highly of her intelligence and feared she would lose or damage such expensive equipment so they conceded to put on fake diamonds telling her they were real. Cherry is convinced they are real diamonds but any jeweler regardless of skill could tell otherwise.

Valdosta, admiring Cherry’s freedom to act as a warrior and with a coincidental interest in traveling to Fonhenge takes the Diamond-Studds’ commission to accompany Cherry and see that she reaches Fonhenge safely. They provide the young women with letters of introduction to the craft guild masters and a payment order for a Fonhenge bank to provide Valdosta payment for successfully guiding Cherry to the city.

We arrive at the city of Fonhenge. As a Mountain dwarf Cherry has proficiently in smithing tools and is attempting to get a job as a smith. She will likely not start to consider herself a barbarian until 3rd level.


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