And they said we couldn't get arrested in this town.

Loggin' it good.

Valdosta and Cherry:
-Valdosta and Cherry search Vinric‘s room only to find receipts, invoices and business administration documents. These are written mostly on parchment, though some are wax tablets and one or two are on paper, which is uncommon. The most recent looking one indicates that, due to a shortage of mutton, the supplier had provided 50 lbs of goat.
-Valdosta finds a door in the back of Vinric’s room. It leads to a hallway with a pair of spiral staircases visible leading down.
-Valdosta and Cherry go to the room on the other end of the hallway because Cherry said she saw an old half-elf woman sleeping there – maybe they could ask her some questions? The woman is not there. The teapot and cup on the table that were in front of her are completely empty and dry.
-Valdosta finds another door in the back of the room – like a mirror image of Vinric’s room. After some consideration both go to the basement.
-They find a young boy (Kellen Heller) who is in charge of calming the cockatrices. He tells the dwarves to go see Dalgure in the kitchen. Wait, did he say Dalgure?
-Dalgure says she is just paying off a 40gp debt by working in the kitchen and she should be done in a few hours, Cherry & Val learn that Dalgure owns the Giant Duck not her mother, after winning it in a poker match here.
-Val & Cherry learn that “The Fox” who gave the party entrance into the city looks an awful lot like Alexandra Levingley, Dalgure’s advocateLevingley medallion and all. Dalgure thinks Alexandra is cosplaying as a character from children’s stories named El Zorro.
-The dwarves want to find Vinric to clear things up.
-As Valdosta and Cherry get back up to the main hall they see a paralyzed Aeron being brought in. They learn from Vinric that Aeron Tried to burn the mansion down and he will be put in the recovery room.
-They confirm with Vinric that Dalgure’s story is true and that she is free to leave if she wants.
-They collect Dalgure and Cherry makes up a story that she left her bag in the recovery room where Aeron is being kept.
-Valdosta escorts Dalgure back home to her mother, noticing as she does that the old half elf Cherry described to her is heading west along the road, clutching something to her chest.

-Back at the Giant Duck (no longer “angry” since Alan Blackaxe removed the enchanted cigar from its mouth) Gradelswain – Dalgure’s mother – is relieved to have her daughter back safe and sound.
-The mother and daughter piece together that The Fox (Alexandra Levingley(?)) gave Gradelswain and the party inaccurate information about the danger Dalgure was in.
-The heated discussion wakes Sorye Serelath.
-Valdosta leaves the confused mother and daughter to sleep it off and tries to reunite with Cherry
-At the Sliver Stallion Valdosta is told that Cherry just left with Brutur, and Boardshorts to escort the arsonist to jail.
-Valdosta tries to track them with no luck.
-She locates the city dungeon and speaks to the guards. They haven’t seen anyone like Cherry, Aeron, Brutur or Boardshorts. There is another city dungeon to the west, but there’s no obvious reason someone coming from Bloodfield would be taken there rather than here.
-Unable to find her colleagues, she notices the tracks of the old half elf woman whose shuffling gait leaves a very obvious trail.
-Valdosta follows the trail to the tallest tower in the city (end scene)

-Cherry finds Linttrap guarding the door to the recovery area just off the cockatrice fighting room.
-Cherry says she could escort Aeron to Jail since she was going that way anyway.
-Linttrap thinks its a good idea and tells her to ask Brutur upstairs first to confirm
-Cherry finds Brutur in a concussed drunken state
-Brutur agrees to let Cherry escort Aeron to the dungeons in The Division with the accompaniment of himself and Boardshorts.
-Cherry (hoping to escort Aeron alone) tries to think of evasive maneuvers.
-Cherry implies to Boardshorts that she is trying to lay the smooth (I have never heard this before, don’t quite know what it means, but love it. -N.) on Brutur and would like him to leave.
-Brutur suggests they all go into a nearby tavern – The Angry Angry – for a drink.
-Cherry lays Aeron’s stiff body on a chair and sits alone with Brutur. Boardshorts is on the other side of the room waiting tentatively
- Cherry tries to get Brutur even more drunk with no avail.
-The waiter is concerned with the state of Aeron and asks if he needs a doctor.
-Jumping at the opportunity Cherry says yes and tries to carry him out to the herbalist apothecary two doors down.
-Boardshorts stops her and suggests he come along to the herbalist. (end scene)

-Aeron begins the scene with Brutur still falling for his ruse that he is helping find the assailant.
-He gives away his cover when he Vinric spies him
-He tries to shake off pursuers by climbing a set of construction scaffolding. As they draw closer he cleverly karate chops the wood, but it’s tougher than those boards he was always breaking in the dojo.
-Jumping from the scaffolding onto the roof of a house he crashes into in a home with two women and baby
-Aeron lies and says Dawhead’s goons are after him
-The women believe him and try not to blow his cover while the guards knock down the door
-Aeron eventually decides to give himself up
-As the Stallion’s security guards hold him down, Vinric calls for Whitney the Finger Biter. Someone brings a cage near, uncovers it, and carefully opens the door, letting the cockatrice -Whitney presumably – bite Aeron, paralyzing him.
-Aeron is paralyzed but conscious for the rest of the story. It’s pretty terrifying really.
-Silver Stallion security guards and staff pour into the backyard
-Yarles tries to continue to hide while casting Minor Illusion to distract those around him
-An inquisitor answering complaints of magical vandalism and a city guard answering the tolling handbells approach.
-The inquisitor uses Detect Magic to find Yarles’s location
-They find Yarles and inform him it is illegal to cast magic in this city, Only inquisitors can do that
-Yarles lies and says he was doing it to impress a lady he was trying to seduce
-The group believe him but still need to arrest him. He will spend the night in jail and have to spend 5 hours the next day in the pillory.
-Yarles while being carted downtown discusses his situation with the inquisitor Alan Blackaxe.
-Alan is moved by Yarles’s backstory and jots his contact information on a handkerchief with a grease pencil for him. Alan encourages Yarles to contact him after he is pilloried for to discuss working as an inquisitor.
-Yarles takes a long rest in his cell, dreaming of bunnies, presumably.

-Talks with Vinric suggesting adding bars to the windows to improve security around here. Vinric agrees.
-Tumus says maybe he can still make some money tonight and starts up the fights again
-Tumus organizes a fight with two warrior ladies. They do some pretty aggressive promo against one another then the half elf beats the human in three rounds.
-After the fights he oils up and struts on the Stallion’s performance stage (end scene)


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